I am an audio and visual artist.<br /> I create glitches and breaks. 
    <h2>iOS glitch art</h2>
    <p>Follow me here on Tumblr or Instagram for a constant stream of imagery created on my iPhone.</p>
    <a href='http://instagram.com/royb0t'>Instagram</a>
    <h2>Attack Earth</h2>
    <p>Visit Bandcamp to listen to my album, Attack Earth. A drum and breaks-centric introduction to the robot apocalypse.</p>
    <a href='http://royb0t.bandcamp.com/album/attack-earth'>Bandcamp</a>
    <h2>Digital Gnosis</h2>
    <p>Technology is ritual. Unchain Self from System through transmutation of sound and image.</p>
    <a href='http://digitalgnosis.org'>Listen</a>
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